Some Thoughts From Serengeti

Some thoughts on Serengeti. While writing the text for my new Serengeti book, I came across some interesting material. Famed psychologist Carl Jung visited East Africa in 1925 and wrote of a “most intense sentiment of returning to the land of my youth.”

That seems a curious statement because Jung had never before been to Africa. But the sentiment is understandable by those of us who feel like we are coming home when we return there. Each time I have visited Serengeti (I’ve spent over 900 days there) I have experienced a strong feeling of belonging. We are all Africans and it is, indeed, the land of our youth. Somewhere, deep in the molecules of our genes, are the echoes of our ancient past. Spencer Wells has corroborated this in his fabulous DNA tracing studies.

Jung also noted (and he could have been referring to Serengeti) the landscape is like “the stillness of the eternal beginning.”

We haven’t begun final picture selection for the book, but I thought I’d post a few happy snaps.

We have another of our photo and natural history safaris scheduled for January 2010 (next year marks our 25th year of running these trips in East Africa). If anyone would like to join us (we limit the trip to 10 participants) here’s a link for complete information: