Machu Picchu nightmare

I guess I had been spoiled. On previous trips (I’ve been there five times) the photography at Machu Picchu had been great – not many people in the ruins if you got there early for sunrise. But this recent trip in April this year was terrible – thousands of people roaming about the ruins all day, from early morning to late in the day. And this during a rainy day. I can understand Peru’s need to promote tourism, but this has been overkill. I’ll never again come back.

Perhaps even worse, Peru’s infrastructure at the new international airport in Lima is terrible. Just to get through customs/passport control on leaving we had to stand in line for over an hour. Mass chaos. Some people would have missed their flight had it not been late on arrival.


Fernandina eruption

Eruption of volcano on Fernandina Island

Eruption of volcano on Fernandina Island

During the recent trip to Galapagos I was lucky enough to be at Fernandina Island during a recent eruption. Tough photography – the only illumination was the red glow of flowing lava as it moved down to the sea. But I got some great shots, soon to be posted on my website